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Why Does Your Real Estate Business Needs A Social Media Strategy?

Real estate has always been a business that has relied on face-to-face and in-person interactions. That all changed when the Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses to shift their marketing efforts online. Although met with skepticism initially, both small and large businesses have now realized how lucrative social media marketing can be.

According to a report (Real Estate in a Digital Age) published by The National Association of Realtors, nearly 44% of all real-estate buyers search for their dream homes online. That same report also hailed social media for being the best medium for scoring high-quality leads. Suffice to say, real estate businesses that refrain from creating a social media marketing strategy are leaving a lot of money on the table.

We are living in a world where people basically live on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms are a goldmine of potential buyers that real estate agents can harvest with the help of an efficient social media strategy.

Allow us to explain what a good social media strategy can do for your real-estate business.

1) Reaching Promising Buyers

Marketing on social media allows you to target people who are more likely to buy or sell a property. This is a far cry from traditional print-based media where ads are published and sent out en masse to audiences, most of whom have no interest in buying or selling.

Social media platforms arm marketers with data and algorithms necessary to zero in on a smaller crowd that is more interested in house hunting. Furthermore, you can use this data to build strong relationships with your potential customers.

2) More Cost Effective than Print

As we mentioned before, social media allows you to run targeted adverts that only reach high-intent audiences. Although the audience group you reach is smaller, you will notice that the ratio of inquiries, requests, and, pure audience engagement is higher.

Let us put it this way. In our personal experience as a digital marketing agency, we’ve found that it is 20 times cheaper to reach a single high-intent buyer via social media than it is through traditional print ads.

The ROI you stand to earn running social media adverts will be much higher than television or newspaper ads.

3) Assess AD performance

Now, this is an advantage that is unique to social media marketing. No traditional medium of advertising out there will afford you the privilege of assessing the performance of your launched ad campaigns, especially when it is still ongoing. You get access to comprehensive data that sheds light on crucial info, like how many people were reached by your ads? How many interacted with it? Was the end result desirable?

4) Impeccable Branding

Merely having a social media presence can create a sense of trust among your prospects for your real estate agency. You can use social media to regularly post content that incites audience engagement. Posts like blogs, videos, or a simple, relevant meme can go a long way in establishing your real-estate business as a brand that can be trusted.


The role social media plays in helping a real-estate business thrive cannot be overstated. That said, creating a sound social media strategy isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. It needs specialized skills and a good understanding of how social media operates. This is where The Feather n’ Knife comes into play.

Our social media agency harbors the talent, resources, and insight needed to devise a winning social media strategy that helps your business:

· Reach high-intent buyers

· Yield higher ROI at a lower advertising cost

· Create a solid online presence.

· Builds brand awareness and trust.

The Feather n’ Knife has helped many businesses, both small and big, find their voice in India’s competitive real estate market. We hope to do the same for you.

Visit our site to learn more.


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